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Resounding God’s Grace
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WORSHIP @ 9:00am

Zoom Fellowship @ 8:30 & 10 am


At Fairmont UMC, our hope is that our church bells mark more than the time. 
 As they ring and resound through Fairmont we want to be reminded of the love and grace that Jesus Christ brought into the world. Because of this grace, we strive to Welcome with radical hospitality, Relate with love and empathy, and Reach-out to our community with Christ-like service, so that we may make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, with Open hearts, Open minds, and Open doors.

Fairmont United Methodist Church


Small-Group, In-Person Worship

There will be a full service held on Sundays @ 9am which will continue to be live‐streamed on Facebook and our Website. 
There are still specific guidelines, even with limiting the attendance of these services that must be followed:
1. There will be no accommodation for group singing, all music will be listened to as a performance piece.
2. Before and after service fellowship is allowed but it must be masked and it must contain no physical contact (hugs, handshakes, etc.)
3. In order to attend an In‐person, Small‐group Worship Service
you must call the church office
@ 507‐235‐5579 and reserve you and your family’s spots the preceding week.
4. Each of these services will be first‐come‐first‐serve and no more than 25 people, including infants and children, will be permitted to sign-up for each service.
5. No person or party should over‐attend Sundays, making it difficult for others to attend the full‐live service.
a. We will run an honor system of your party only attending 1 Sunday Service/month and making use of the Wednesday and Thursday times for the other weeks.
6. If there are any conflicts which arise such as baptisms or
funerals, those ceremonies will take precedence over the
worship service, and the service will be rescheduled for a
different day on that given week.

IMMERSION is a discussion‐based commentary series that helps us encounter the deep truth, context, and world of the Bible in an easy‐to‐understand, small‐group style. You will not need to purchase any materials to participate!!

Join us in a small group or on Zoom on Sundays @ 11 am,
Wednesdays @ 8pm, or
Thursdays @ 1 pm!!!
Monday Morning Muse & Friday Morning Feels
Join us @ 7am on Monday Mornings Facebook LIVE to walk through the Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotionals!!
Join us @ 7am on Friday Mornings on Facebook LIVE  to pray, listen to song
& poem and get our hearts ready
for the worship weekend!!
Pastor’s Book Club
Pastor’s Book Club is a
 simple opportunity to have some fun while discussing books which deepen our understanding of Christ, each other, and our world. We will begin reading through
The Jesus I never Knew by Phillip
Yancey. This book gives the reader
a great introduction to the historical
setting of Jesus’ life and helps us to
engage spiritually and theologically
with the man Jesus.
Join us Tuesdays on Zoom @ 11 am and 8 pm!!
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Currently, we are not offering Large-Group, In-Person worship experience but you can connect with us each week on Facebook LIVE or through the “WATCH LIVE” button above. 
Please check out our “CONNECT” section to join with any of our Small Groups!!!
In compliance with the Orange-Phase of the MN Annual Conference Regathering Plan, All events, activities and programming must meet in sizes of no more than 10 participants, must be masked at all times and follow strict social distancing inside our building. All surfaces must be disinfected after each use. 


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Contact Us

119 E 2nd St, Fairmont MN 56031
Our Church Office is Open 8:00 am – 1:00 pm M-F
P: 507.235.5579
E: umcfmtconnie@gmail.com
Or contact Pastor Eli directly: 

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